Causes And Treatment For Skin Tags

A skin tag is described as a small, noncancerous, outpouching of the skin that is commonly linked to the fundamental skin by just a narrow stalk. Skin tags resemble little bits of suspending skin and generally arise in areas where the garments rub against a person’s skin. They also occur in areas where the skin touches the skin, just like the neck, underarms, groin, and upper chest.


Medically speaking, a skin tag is labeled as an accordion. In some cases, other terminology has been applied to make reference to skin tags. These consist of fibroepithelial polyps (FEP), soft fibromas, pedunculated fibroma, and fibroma pendulans. At times, they are even referred to as soft warts despite not being real warts

Skin tags are actually not existing at the time a person is born. Their frequency raises as people grow older. Tags in the skin can be seen in around one in every four adults. Researches have revealed an anatomical predisposition to the progression of the skin tags. For that reason, skin tags could actually run in the blood.

What are the causes?

Skin tags come about when adjacent parts of the skin rub against each other, or when a certain area on the skin chaff against the fabric. Skin tags commonly develop in skin areas such as the under arms, underneath the breasts in females, eyelids, neck, and groin folds. As a result of the increased friction between nearby parts of the skin, skin tags tend to be more prevalent in obese people.

Scientific researches have indicated an inherited vulnerability to the appearance of tags in the skin. People suffering from Crohn’s disease usually develop perianal skin tags located close to the rectal opening. The hormonal alterations during gestation also have the ability to encourage the development of skin tags, especially while in the middle trimester.

Despite the fact that skin tags may in some cases be found in the little ones, they are likely to increase as people grow older and are most widespread in people in their middle age.

Unlike moles, tags in the skin do not imply cancer in any way. Accounts of skin malignancies stemming from skin tags are very uncommon.

What are the treatments?

There are a number of helpful medical techniques to eliminate a skin tag, which includes burning with medical electric cautery, cutting with scissors, and freezing with liquid nitrogen.

Generally, small skin tags can be taken out quickly without the need of anesthesia, while bigger tags may call for some anesthesia like injecting Lidocaine just before the treatment. LMX 5% creams and Betacaine creams are the topical anesthesia that can be applied ahead of the removal procedure. They are suitable in regions where a great number of skin tags are existing.

Family doctors, dermatologists and internal medicine doctors  are the medical professionals who deal with the skin tags in most cases. From time to time, an ophthalmologist is required to get rid of skin tags when they are located in extremely close proximity to the eyelids.

Home remedies for removing tags in the skin are also available. They consist of tying off the tiny skin tag stalk using a piece of dental floss or thread and making it possible for the skin the tag to eventually fall off in a couple of days or so.

Nail Fungus: How Do I Cure It?

Millions of people are affected by nail fungus infection worldwide. It is a restricting and embarrassing condition, but it can be cured easily. The problem, however, is that because it is considered quite nasty and disgusting, a lot of people are afraid to go out and seek for help. Thus most of them turn to the internet for help. Luckily, with the number of products available on the web, people with nail fungus infections can now purchase nail fungus remedies and cures in the comfort of their own home, away from the weird and uncomfortable looks that they might get when they purchase in public.


What Is Nail Fungus?

But wait, what exactly is nail fungus, and how does it happen? Nail fungus is caused by a kind of bacteria that occurs, lives and breeds in environments that are warm, moist and damp. And what’s a body part that can perfectly fit this description? The feet, of course!

When a person wears shoes the whole day and lives in a humid or hot environment, the feet can sweat and the shoes can trap in the moisture. Thus, the chances of developing nail fungus is quite higher.

Public bathrooms, showers and pools are also ideal breeding grounds for this kind of fungus – so going barefoot in these kinds of places is an absolute no – no!

How Can It Be Cured?

Now we go to the most important question – how can nail fungus be cured? The first thing that should be done once you suspect an occurrence of nail fungus infection is to go and visit the doctor. Bringing such a sensitive topic up to the doctor may seem quite embarrassing – thus some people usually resort to self medication. You might be tempted to do so, too.

While this sounds like a good idea to some, it is imperative that you see the doctor right away. The doctor is the best person to visit in terms of these, and there is really no need to be embarrassed, because that’s what he’s actually there for. Your doctor can easily prescribe the right nail fungus infection medication for you, which you can opt to purchase from the drugstore or online.

If you’ve read up on some possible solutions, or would want to try homeopathic or organic methods, then your doctor might even give you some advice or tips as to how to go about these methods. So whether you want to try out creams or pills, or home made remedies, or perhaps natural remedies from essential oils, it is essential that you let your health care provider know beforehand. He can also prescribe a back – up medication, just in case the one you’re trying doesn’t work.

You can also learn about effective antifungals for nail fungus at product review websites also.

Ten Solutions for Hemorrhoid Treatment

Hemorrhoids, also known as piles, are very normal occurrences. They usually happen due to aging, but can also be due to pregnancy. This condition occurs when the veins that are found in the rectum and anus become inflamed and swollen, thus causing discomfort, itching, bloody stools and even prolapsed veins.


Have you been using hemorrhoid creams to no avail? Why not try natural treatments.

Although you should always go to the doctor to get it checked out, you can also use homemade remedies and treatments in order to get rid of the symptoms of hemorrhoids. Here are ten solutions that you may want to try out.

  1. Fiber – Fiber helps soften the stool, thus preventing the tendency to strain while passing it out. Eat food that are rich in fiber, which means an increased intake of whole grains and leafy green vegetables.
  2. Witch Hazel – Try to find wet tissues that contain witch hazel extracts. This speeds up the recovery of the inflamed veins of the anus. You can also topically apply creams, medicated pads or ointments.
  3. Drink water – Drinking more than the required eight glasses a day is essential in curing hemorrhoids. Water naturally helps digestion, which helps avoid constipation. Water also helps flush out the bad toxins in the body.
  4. Sitz bath – After each bowel movement, try a sitz bath to ease the discomfort and itching. Make sure that the water is tolerably hot. This can help shrink the size of hemorrhoids.
    Ice packs – If you prefer cold to heat, you can try applying ice packs on the area to shrink the prolapsed veins as well.
  5. Vick’s Vapor Rub – This remedy is not only effective for coughs and colds – it can also help in hemorrhoid relief. Vick’s Vapor Rub also reduces the size of the hemorrhoid and helps it disappear in a week’s time.
  6. Garlic –This is typically used as a suppository. Peel a garlic clove and coat it with aloe gel and ease it up the anus. Leave it overnight, and it can be taken out when passing stool. If you are uncomfortable with the idea, you can leave the chopped garlic in the anus area.
  7. Corticosteroid Cream – Your physician may recommend a steroid cream to rub around your anus area. You can do this easily at home, but this is not recommended for long term use.
  8. Rubber Band – Also known as banding, your doctor will tie a tight elastic band on the base of the hemorrhoid. Due to the cut-off blood supply, the hemorrhoid will fall off at least one week after.
  9. Surgery – For extremely serious cases, it cannot be helped that the physician will recommend a surgeon to operate on your hemorrhoid. This holds true for hemorrhoids that are at stages Three to Four.

These are ten of the top options for hemorrhoids. Try home remedies first to see if they work, but in case the condition does not improve, make it a point to see your trusted health care specialist.

6 Home Remedies for Ringworm

Contrary to popular belief, ringworm is caused by fungus and not by a worm. This is the same fungi that causes embarrassing skin diseases such as jock itch, which is found in the groin, and Athlete’s foot, which causes itchy sensations in the foot.


A person would know that he has ringworm when he starts to notice reddish, rough skin that is circular in shape. If you, or another person close to you, has ringworm, then you have to watch out. It is a highly contagious condition. Sharing personal effects such as clothes and towels can easily spread the disease. Luckily, this condition can easily be treated – even at home. Here are some home remedies for ringworm.


You can use apple cider vinegar or regular white vinegar to easily remove the ringworm infection. Fungi do not thrive in highly acidic environments. Since vinegar is very acidic, regular application hinders its growth, leading it to eventual death.

To start treatment, pour some vinegar straight on the affected area at least three to five times daily. Before pouring, make sure that the area is clean and thoroughly dry – fungi love moisture.


Garlic one of the popular plants that easily kill skin diseases, and ringworm is no exception. Simply peel a garlic clove, chop it and place it directly on to the affected site. Secure the chopped garlic with gauze or some band-aids and leave it there for several minutes.


If you live in the tropics, it is not hard to come by papaya fruit. The fruit is relatively affordable, too. Papaya is rich in enzymes, which easily kill ringworm causing fungi. To use papaya, take some raw papaya and massage it onto the rash. Leave the papaya mush on the rash for at least fifteen minutes and wash it all off with the use of hot water. Be sure to rinse completely unless you want to smell fruity for the rest of the day.


Bleach is a common household item, and it is a good disinfectant. However, too much bleach may burn the skin so you have to be careful in using this one. Pour some bleach into a cotton ball and pat it gently on the ringworm rash. Be prepared to experience a stinging on burning sensation.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is an effective way to remove a ringworm rash. Squeeze the gel out of the aloe plant and place it on the affected area. It will help soothe the skin irritation and heal the rash. If you do not have access to fresh aloe plants, you can also try creams that have aloe. Aloe gives a cooling sensation to the rash.

Castor Oil

This is one of the quickest ways to remove ringworm rash. Most people report that the patch can easily be reduced within two days of use. To start treatment, simply massage the castor oil onto the affected area with the use of a cotton ball, and try to follow the pattern of the rash.

Ringworm can be bothersome, but you need not shell out a huge amount when trying to improve your condition, read more here  http://www.ringwormtreatmentreviews.com/. There are remedies that you can easily find inside your kitchen cupboard or vegetable garden, and they do not cost anything at all!

Permanent Herbal Cure for Herpes

Of course, life might be easier for everyone if no one had sex right? No one would have genital herpes but then again the human species would die off very quickly.

Herpes simplex medicines help remedy this situation in the event this STD is caught. This is important in the event no matter how careful you are you wind up with this very uncomfortable condition, which is not always prevented by use of condoms.


Permanent herbal cure for herpes is available at least for curing the symptoms of this disease. However, understand that this does not mean that the virus has been removed from your blood. The HSV-1 or HSV-2 still exists, even if the outward signs are completely gone.

Knowing that, having sex with as very partners as possible is your best option. On the other hand, you do not always know what your partners will do-who they will have sex with. This situation is often beyond your control.

That is why natural herbal remedies for herpes to cure herpes such as Herpeset are often recommended. Many people who have used this product have been relieved from symptoms which have not returned.

The recommended treatment time for users of this product is about six months. Another product that provides similar relief is Dynamiclear, which is considered 90% effective. Furthermore, when it is combined with other methods of self-care and stress reduction techniques it helps further prolong outbreaks.

The fact that these products work so much better than other products is quite a change. Before this time the only promise made was for temporary, and/or occasional easing of surface symptoms.

The level of success in people who have tried either one of these natural herbal remedies for herpes to cure herpes is in those who applied the products the way they were intended to be used. For example, they did not take too much or too little of a dose and they committed to treatment for the recommended time.

At present, new permanent herbal cure for herpes have the ability to cure genital herpes in male and female sufferers within six months. Furthermore, unlike some prescription herpes simplex medicines Herpeset or Dynamiclear are not known to cause any major side effects.

Consequences of Genital Warts and Recognizing the Signs

Can you cure genital warts? That is a question that many people ask. The answer to that is somewhat complex, but can be explained in a certain way. Consequences of genital warts can also be explained.


If you are Infected

A person who is diagnosed with genital warts has to be extremely careful. They can easily spread this condition to another individual when infected.

Condoms can help safeguard an uninfected person who has contact with someone who is infected, but the area that a condom covers is quite limited. Consequences of genital warts include the following:

  • Becoming a high-risk sexual partner
  • Limitations placed on who you can have a romantic/sexual relationship with
  • Endurance of painful and irritating symptoms such as itching, burning, or discomfort
  • Need for expensive, potentially time-consuming treatments

The Treatment Process

Typically, genital warts symptoms are treated using some type of prescription or non-prescription medication, and or medical procedures. Some of these are very effective while others are not. Furthermore, some are safe while others are not. You can compare and contrast various forms of treatment as indicated in the next few paragraphs.

  1. Imiquimod which is often sold under the brand name Aldara is a cream that is applied to affected areas for up to 16 weeks. It is known to clear up warts in approximately 50% of the people who use it. This requires a doctor’s prescription but can be applied at home.
  2. Condylox is another prescription treatment sold in a gel form. This particular product is known to be effective about 65% of the time. It seems to be fairly safe but can irritate the skin somewhat. This can be used at home once administered by a doctor.
  3. Chemical Treatment Trichloroacetic acid (TCA) is a chemical treatment only applied by a doctor.
  4. Surgery This is a process that is completed in one to two treatments. It is effective about 70% of the time.
  5. Freezing A procedure known as cryotherapy is sometimes used and usually requires an average of six treatments. It is effective about 80% of the time and involves freezing the affected area to make it easier to remove.
  6. Natural Remedies Wartrol is a solution that is about 97% effective. Complete relief is often found in about 5 to 6 months. Results are seen in as little time as 2 or 3 weeks. Recommended usage is a maximum of six months, but in most cases recurrence does not take place.

Can you cure genital warts? That may be your question still. At this time it is possible to not experience recurrence of symptoms although the HPV strain that causes genital warts may still be in your system.